Our Affiliate program can be a great tool in promoting its members and their fitness instructor services. However, we believe it's important that we are all sharing the same information and are providing the same quality of service. We don’t want people sharing information inaccurately — causing others to believe it’s correct because “it is taught by Brignole” — even when the way it is being communicated is not quite accurate (i.e., not quite what Brignole actually recommends). The primary goal is not simply to make a sale. It is to properly educate.

Our thoughts for the program:

·    We would like to make sure that anyone who joins our Affiliate Program executes The BRIG-20 movements correctly. This can be done by video recording yourself performing the exercises, showing that you can properly set them up, and demonstrating good exercise form, good alignment, etc. Then send the video to us. If you don't have an adjustable dual cable machine, or other equipment recommended by Brignole, choose the next closest (similar) set up you do have available, which allows you to closely mimic the BRIG-20 movements.

·    In order to fully understand the movements, you must have purchased one of the Brignole video products (the BRIG-20 Videos, the Doug Brignole Webinar Series, the Premium Online Course, or The Physics of Fitness Online Program). However, it is not required that you have graduated the course. Demonstrating the BRIG-20 correctly is the main goal.

·    In addition to benefiting you professionally, this will also benefit you personally because your video will be reviewed by Doug or Moe, or both, and you will get personalized feedback.


·    This will allow you to teach and demonstrate the BRIG-20 movements correctly, without error and without any doubts. If you are a professional in the fitness industry, your clients will thus be able to get absolutely accurate information, allowing them to experience the full benefits. You will also be able to answer any question they ask, since you have already done that yourself, before you became an Affiliate member.

·    The Affiliate Program will include a Compensation Plan. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on which product you sell — Apparel, Machines, Accessories, Private Webinar or Live Seminar in your city.

·    If you are a certified graduate of the BRIG-U & ST365 program, your profile will be displayed on our website as a Certified BRIG-U & SmartTraining365 Trainer. You will also be recommended whenever we receive inquiries from people in your area, who are interested in learning the BRIG-20 movements.

If you would like to host your own workshop in your area, we can help you organize it and promote it. This will allow you to show the BRIG-20 exercises to people in your area. And, we can offer a discount to people who attend your workshop, if they purchase any BRIG-U & ST365 products, which will also earn you compensation.

All of this can be discussed in greater detail.