“In the many years in which I’ve been involved in weight lifting, Power Lifting and physical fitness, I’ve never read a more intelligent analysis of the biomechanics of resistance exercise, for the purpose of physique / muscular development, than The Physics of Fitness. Doug Brignole has done a remarkable job of explaining the elements that factor into this type of training. This book will likely revolutionize the way ‘Resistance Exercise’ is taught from this point forward.”

Fred Hatfield, Ph.D. (Sports Psychology)

I fell in love with fitness 5 years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since! Thanks to the help of a mentor, she found Doug’s program and decided to give it a try. She passed with a 94%! She's now beginning to turn her passion for physical wellness into a career and excited for the future.

Claire Alchin, USA

I've listened to Doug Brignole on YouTube for the last couple of years and everything he said made so much sense and best of all it was backed by irrefutable science! When the course became available I just had to do it, I've been bodybuilding for 40 years and of course my beliefs were challenged as so many others will be. Putting emotions aside and looking at building muscle logically Biomechanics made so much sense, Doug's course teaches one to build muscle effectively, efficiently and safely, my clients are loving it and I'm progressing again, even at 60! A massive thanks to Mouhainem Moe El Arbi for his valued support throughout my learning, I can tell you I was a right pain in the ass! Thank you Doug Brignole for opening my eyes to a new fresh safe and effective science backed method. I highly recommend every trainer/coach to check out Doug Brignole

Renzo Algieri, UK

Thank you everyone for your congratulations. I have been training for over 40 years in martial arts, downhill skiing, biking, and resistance weight training. I'm currently playing baseball for the Warrior baseball team. Without a doubt, this is the best training program I have ever been involved with. It takes away all of the guesswork as to what is the best exercise to do for a particular muscle. If you are like me, I have had several fitness trainers instruct me in gyms using all sorts of training methods and exercises. Whenever I would ask them why I was doing a particular exercise they were espousing, in almost every situation, they could not give me a definitive answer. This system explains each exercise in scientific terms and using the laws of physics. I will never go back to my old way of training.

Paul Erickson, USA

“Doug Brignole brings together cutting edge exercise science and decades of experience as a world-class athlete in The Physics of Fitness. As a former engineer and professional bodybuilder, I appreciate the solid foundation of exercise science combined with real world applications. The concepts presented are solid, and once mastered, will take your training to a new level. This book is a MUST-READ, if you’re serious about understanding the WHY’s and HOW’s of all the sets, reps and trainingthat you do as an athlete!”

Lee Labrada, International Professional Bodybuilding Champion

A little background on me Moe - I was the first ever recipient of the Personal Trainer of the year award in the UK. Learning from Doug has taken my knowledge and it’s application- both on myself - and with clients to a whole new level. Dougs work is undisputed - it's fact - and no educator in this industry can compare. This information changes everything.

Lee Hadden, UK

“I’ve known Doug Brignole since 1979 - 38 years to date. We met when he was competing for the Teenage Mr. California title, at the age of 19. Throughout my many years involved in the sport, I can honestly say that Doug is one of the most passionate, sincere and intelligent of all the bodybuilders I have had the pleasure to know. There are very few bodybuilders who have achieved the same degree of physique elegance and artistry as Doug Brignole, and there are probably very few scholars (non- bodybuilders) who have reached the level of knowledge related exercise mechanics, as Doug Brignole. But Doug has achieved both. The Physics of Fitness is the culmination of Doug’s 40+ years in the sport, passionately pursuing the ultimate in physical development, as well as the scientific knowledge of how to best optimize efficient biomechanics. It’s an honor to regard Doug Brignole as my friend, and my pleasure to recommend this outstanding book.”

Samir Bannout (1983 Mr. Olympia)

I knew about Doug Brignole's work last year thanks to a friend on FaceBook, and I was immediately intrigued by his unique biomechanical approach to hypertrophy-specific resistance training. 

Since resistance training biomechanics for hypertrophy is one of the fitness fields that I am most passionate about, as soon as I learned that Doug had created a certification I immediately wanted to take this educational path, which was longer and harder than expected.  

I must say that I'm very satisfied with its contents. Doug has a theoretical approach at the right point, but there is a lot of logic behind his ideas, challenging the classic dogmatic and "moralistic" die hard notions also supported by many academics that I never liked either. In this respect, I found myself incredibly in agreement on many points, and I assimilated as many of his proposals and notions as possible, which certainly enriched my technical background.  

I believe that a specialist of resistance training biomechanics 'for hypertrophy' must go through this course, and I intend to promote several of its proposals through my educational project Body Comp Academy in Italy. I also thank Moe Larbi for the technical support.

Lorenzo Pansini, IT

“The Physics of Fitness is absolutely superb. Doug’s unique combination of biomechanics / physics knowledge and practical / competitive bodybuilding experience provides a perfect background/basis for his excellent advice on exercise selection and performance.

Because I am an old timer who has studied this area extensively (although much more of my research is in the area of exercise physiology than biomechanics), I was actually aware of many of the principles and concepts that he presents. However, I did not have the confidence to change my workout exercises until I read Doug’s compelling advice. He is indeed a qualified expert in academic knowledge, muscle development, and athletic achievement. Also, I have never read any author who is more proficient at illustrating complex concepts with clear / practical/sensible examples that the average reader can understand and apply.”

Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D. Professor of Exercise Science

Thanks Doug Brignole & Mouhainem Moe El Arbi for the beautiful project you have created.  This course is an added value to the book, it has managed to fill some doubts that I had ; hoping that you will continue to publish material of this level, thank you again.

Edoardo Russo, IT

I was super excited to take this course. Doug's lectures were very informative and he used examples throughout the lectures that make you put all the pieces together. The exercise videos were very clear and followed the principles that were being taught. The videos and lectures highlighted the main concepts of the book and I was able to pass the exam using the platform of the online course alone. I now feel I have an very good understanding of biomechanics and the physics of fitness and can apply my knowledge to my exercise routines. The BRIG-20 and the other alternative exercises mentioned are absolutely valuable pieces of information. Why would you not want to use movements that are most efficient and require less effort for the most gain? I would recommend this course to anyone.

Leigh Meghan, CA

Never stop learning, researching and practicing the things that you love, your passions and your goals. I am excited to be part of this Bodybuilding/Fitness program, Brig University of Biomechanics. For the past 2 years this knowledge has made a great impact in my personal training, my health and well-being. I can't wait to help others achieve similar goals in fitness and building muscle with this training method based on the application of physics and biomechanics of the human body. It delivers great results in hypertrophy with exercises developed and performed with maximum efficiency and minimal risk of injury. Better results for the invested time and energy. Everyone will benefit. This is a game changer especially for people in their 40's, 50's or older that either want to begin, or want to re-start a body transformation, strength training or fitness program, with safety and prevention of injuries in mind. I want to thank the great Doug Brignole, Mr. America and Mr. Universe bodybuilding champion for developing this training method and Mouhainem Moe El Arbi for his contribution in bringing this knowledge to the public, and for his encouragement and support during my training and graduation.

Mike Soto, USA

I really enjoy your body mechanics book and course... It just may set the new generation straight on less risk and better results!

John Meyers, USA

“I found The Physics of Fitness to be absolutely fascinating. Clearly, the human body is made up of levers, which naturally follow the same rules of physics as do all other mechanical systems and structures. I found it remarkable that Doug Brignole was able to apply these well-established principles to the human anatomy, in the performance of resistance exercise, and then simplify the myriad of recommendations we are all given by the fitness industry, down to that which is most efficient and safe. This is the best book on the subject of resistance exercise I’ve ever seen. In fact, I cannot imagine anyone being in the business of teaching resistance exercise, and NOT understanding the bio-mechanical principles which are presented in this book. After reading Doug’s book, I made several changes to my own workout regime and can attest that I feel better and see improved results.”

Jeffrey Mackey, Ph.D. (Physics / Astrophysics) Astrophysics engineer, Professor of Physics, Consultant for NASA

“As a professor of Sociology, my focus is on the cultural behaviours that are adopted by populations - often in the absence of good reasoning. Humans tend to be ‘copy cats’, which is evidenced by fashion trends, the use of slang, and also religious, cultural and political views. Therefore, it’s easy to see how an obsession with ‘physical power’ has allowed exercise bias to exist for many decades. This appears to have lead many people to favor ‘compound’ exercises, and eschew ‘isolation’ exercises, even though physics and anatomical analysis do not support those beliefs. In The Physics of Fitness, Doug Brignole does a great job of breaking down the physics of what determines the load on a muscle, thereby revealing that traditional exercise selections are often based more on bias than on science, or even logic. This book reveals that there are far better ways of achieving one’s goal of muscular development - with less wasted effort and less abuse on the joints - than has been used traditionally.”

Adrian Tan, Ph.D. (Sociology)

“The Physics of Fitness is a welcome addition to the fitness industry, which fills a gap that no other book has filled. I wish I had this information years ago. I would have avoided injuries and not wasted time on useless exercises. Great going, Doug!”

Richard Baldwin, Ph.D.