Many of us get discouraged when we fail to achieve our fitness goals due to misleading guidance, using the wrong workout plan or simply because of lack of knowledge and experience.

We Either End Up:

-Injured unable to workout at our full potential again

-Frustrated by working hard and not getting the results we planned for

-Don’t believe in training anymore and give up the goal of building a muscular and healthier body

The truth is that everybody’s muscles and joints function the same way, and physics applies the same to everybody, so the best exercises are the same for every person (we are not referring to the “traditional” exercises, as you will later discover).

The difference from one person to another is:

-How those exercises are structured in the overall plan

-The intensity each person should use

-How the diet is structured

-How the entire program is tailored to one’s individual goal and circumstance

-How and who customized the program (very important)

With over 4 decades of “in the trenches” using conventional exercises and experimenting with various training approaches
Mr Universe and biomechanics expert Doug Brignole & SmartTraining365 created this step-by-step program we call:


What is 


The SMARTTRAINING365 SYSTEM delivers maximum muscle growth with minimum wasted time, energy and injury risk. It can be applied at all levels, from beginners to advanced, by males and females, by young and old.

The reason this program is so flexible is because it’s based on the fact that we all share the same anatomical function—the same biomechanics—and physics (as applied to all things, including resistance exercise) is universal.



Most of the exercises that comprise The BRIG20 is unconventional, while some are more familiar.

However, all of the BRIG20 exercises represent the anatomical motions and the directions of resistance that are most biomechanically “ideal”.


Unlike many traditional exercises, the BRIG20 is uncompromised—anatomically, neurologically, physiologically and mechanically.

Thus, they produce more benefits (more muscle load and better stimulation = more muscle growth) with less wasted effort (less weight used), and less injury risk to the spine and joints.



Once you enroll in the all-in-one pack, you will have access to multiple programs. Each program will help you with the following steps:


-Watch the BRIG20 videos and alternative exercises.
-Start experimenting with the exercises. 
-Refer to the instructional videos as often as you need for in-depth guidance on how to set up the machines, proper form and much more to get the most out of your workout.
-The advantage of having access to the BRIG20 program and the other programs at the same time, is that you can start using the exercises from day one without having to go through all the educational content first. 



Many experience great results after a month of use. Of course, the more you do it the better you get. And like anything else, consistency is the key. Results vary from one person to another; factors like genetics, stress level, recovery can impact our progress positively or negatively.


-Watch the True Bodybuilding video modules and choose your fitness goal.
-Once you choose your goal, choose the workout split that suits your level and availability.
-Based on the level you selected, you will find everything you need to know about the number of sets & reps, frequency, muscle grouping and the intensity that you should use in your workout program.
-You will have access to more workout plans in the BUILD & BURN program.
-You will also find nutritional and supplementation videos to help you with your diet.


The two steps above worked for thousands of our students and will work for you too. There is no secret to building a muscular physique, all you need to do is:

-Apply what you will learn in the video modules 
-Follow the plan and be consistent. 
-Join our private community as we keep each other accountable to help overcome the challenges we face along the way 



These are the steps you need to take to set you up for success and guide you through the process. 

Just plug in the most effective, time-tested and scientifically sound exercises and programs and you WILL build more muscle and improve your overall physique in the best and fastest way possible.



How fast you will achieve your goals depends on a few factors, as you will discover in this program. Genetics is one of the few factors.

Genetics certainly plays a role in how much muscle mass a person can gain. The amount of muscle mass each person can achieve varies significantly, but all people are able to gain muscle mass to different degrees.

Genetics is not something we can control, but we CAN control our exercise selection. Exercises all have a different level of productivity. They also are not all equally efficient and safe. Therefore, the best strategy is to use the most productive and efficient exercises we call BRIG20, especially when one is not genetically gifted.




When you join our program, the content will be your go-to reference for the next couple of years. Most of this information CANNOT change, because human anatomy does not change, and physics does not change. This is not a “trend” program—it’s the timeless and sound basis of human exercise science.

We also update our courses online, whenever new research and information is available, so there’s no need to wait until the “next edition” book or DVD is released before you can be updated.



We value our community and we are connected 24/7 via our private group. You won’t be on your own after you enroll. You will receive an invitation to join a community of personal trainers, doctors, athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders, gym goers and many who joined our program and achieved great results following this system.

There, you can interact with others, compare notes and ask questions. In a world where the “blind” often follow the “blind”, you’ll be a part of the enlightened community who understands how it all works.

These are the steps that over a thousand of our members took when they applied


to accomplish their goals

Check out the includes of the programs that you will follow to build muscle, improve your physique and overall strength as described in the 3 steps above:


This is a series of videos—totaling 18 hours—during which Doug Brignole explains various aspects of physique development including:

  • Goal setting
  • Workout Structure   
  • Intensity & Frequency
  • Number of Sets & Reps
  • Diet & Nutrition


The BRIG20 are the “best” resistance exercises for each of the muscle groups of the body, which is based on specific anatomical, neurological and mechanical


In this 20 hour series of videos, Doug Brignole identifies each of the exercises, explains how to set them up and how to perform them, and provides alternative options in case you are unable to access certain pieces of equipment.

This will be your guide to understanding the 20 best exercises, and how to perform them.



This is a total of 12 hour video modules during which Doug Brignole explains the biomechanics revealed in the PDF, but in much greater detail. It also has clips from various workouts, so you can see—“in action”—how the various principles are applied in the gym.

The topics include:

  • Knowing How to Use Efficient Exercise Mechanics
  • Avoiding Neurological Conflicts of Interest
  • Using Precise Anatomical Motion


16 Week Periodization Program - 4 Phases - Build Muscle - Lose Fat

Level : Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Four (4-week) Phases

This program can be done in a commercial gym, or at a home gym with (at least) a flat bench, a set of dumbbells and elastic bands. An adjustable cable machine would be nice.

This workout could be used for the beginner or the “mildly ambitious” person, male or female, youth (13 to 19), adult (20 to 70) or senior (80+), simply by selecting a weight (resistance level) for each exercise that does not exceed 60—70% maximum effort, in order to complete the number or reps recommended.

This workout can ALSO be used by the intermediate level person, or the advanced level person, simply by selecting a weight for each exercise that requires a higher percentage of effort. For the intermediate, the percentage of effort on each set should approach 80%. For the advanced, the percentage of effort on each set should approach 95%—100%.


Houston Seminar:

  • Biomechanics & muscle building
  • Learning how to exercise more productively, more efficiently, more safely
  • Selecting the best resistance training exercise
  • Understanding Sets & reps, intensity, frequency, recovery


New York Seminar:


This seminar lays out, very plainly, how physics—the way levers work—influences the amount of load a muscle receives with a given amount of weight, and the difference between loading a specific muscle optimally versus moving the most amount of weight.

A complete dissection of the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift + guidance on how to perform them if your goal is powerlifting or you simply enjoy the challenge of lifting heavy weights combined with the BRIG20 movements.

In this seminar, Doug Brignole explains how the principles of biomechanics which are applied to physique development, can also be applied to PowerLifting and strength development.


Topics Include:

  • Using The BRIG20 as the foundation for all sports
  • Tailoring supplemental exercises for a particular sport
  • Understanding “natural” (safe) joint function
  • Periodizing for PowerLifting
  • Combining Bodybuilding and Powerlifting


Discover why Isolation Exercises are actually more productive than Compound Exercises if your goal is maximum muscle growth, and why “The Big Three” are overrated and NOT super productive as many think they are.



-Course manual PDF

-Training quizzes

-Final exam

-BRIG-U & ST365 Biomechanics Certificate

-CECs NASM1.9 ISSA 20 canfitpro 4


If you recently discovered Doug Brignole & Smartraining365, we included in this package our documentary “Muscle Building Game Change” to know how this training method was developed over the years and why we choose to spread the word and make it available to the world.


We truly believe that the content included in this program will guide you to build a muscular and healthier physique, without the wear and tear.

You are not alone in this, checkout the reviews of real people who were in your position and took action to enroll and join our community:

Here are some pictures of few members who shared with us the results they achieved using our training method:

Again, this is not a “trend” program—it’s the timeless and sound basis of human exercise science.

You can choose not to take action today and ignore everything you saw on this page, but please do your research, read the comments and watch the reviews. We didn’t pay these people to send us positive reviews or pictures, results speak for themselves.

We don’t want you to regret passing on this or review it when you get injured. Time and health are two precious assets. Don’t waste them.

Read the most repeated statements that people who either didn’t know about our program or joined late said:

"Knowledge is only potential power.

It becomes power only when, and if, it is organised into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end."

Our MISSION is to educate—to help you understand the difference between optimally productive exercise, and compromised exercise, and to know how you can best apply it to your circumstances so you can:

-Achieve maximum muscle growth faster

-Avoid wasting time and energy doing the wrong exercises and workout plans

-Avoid injury, save your joints and enjoy doing what you love for the next couple of years


There is a ton of misinformation out there, and the best way to identify it is to know the science. Then, you can train with confidence, knowing you are using the most sensible methods and the most accurate information. 

You’re on the right track.