Doug’s unique understanding of biomechanics and the science of muscle building has led us to create highly efficient programs that will get you results! 

The BUILD & BURN program includes 4 phases that can be used in multiple ways depending on your goal and your level of commitment.


This program can be used by the beginner, intermediate or the advanced level person, simply by selecting the right weight to accomplish the required number of reps recommended for each level.



What equipment is needed to do the BUILD & BURN at home?

  •  A flat or adjustable bench, (if you don’t have a bench, some exercises can be done on the floor), a set or rack of dumbbells and elastic bands.

Is all I need in a commercial gym is an adjustable cable machine?

  • No, an adjustable cable machine is a great option to do many of the BRIG20 exercises but you still need dumbbells, a flat or an adjustable bench and few other machines as described in the program.


What is the difference between the BRIG20 and the BUILD & BURN program?

  • In the BRIG20 program you’ll find a demonstration of all the best exercises and alternatives, you will also find the BRIG20 explained video to learn why they are the best exercises, but you won’t find how to use those exercises in a periodization program, how many sets and reps you should do if your goal is muscle building for example, how often you should work each muscle group etc.. All that is covered in great details in the BUILD & BURN program

Does the BRIG20 program complement the BUILD & BURN program?

  • Absolutely! To get the most out of the BUILD & BURN program, you should know how to perform the BRIG20 exercises CORRECTLY, you should know how to set up the machines, how wide, how high, and you should know about the alternatives. All that is covered in the BRIG20 program ONLY. You can buy both programs at a discounted price by clicking the link below: smarttraining-365.teachable.com/p/build-and-burn-brig20

How long are the workouts in BUILD & BURN?

  • It depends on your goal and level of commitment, it can take between 45 minutes to 90 minutes, the beauty of this program is that you can choose and customize the phase that suits you best.


How many days do I train per week?

  • 3 to 6 days per week, some have a busy schedule and can only train once or twice a week. It is still better than no workout, it all comes back to your availability, your goal, lifestyle, level of commitment … But we must be realistic with our expectations and goals 


Is the BUILD & BURN for women?

  • Yes! This program is for everyone: women, men, young, old, bodybuilders, athletes, gym goers…


Does the BUILD & BURN include nutritional guidance?

  • Yes, nutritional guidance is included, in addition, you also have the option to get personalised nutritional guidance, simply email Doug Brignole to book a consultation: [email protected] (This option is not free, a consultation with Doug costs $150)