Ready to get a great workout at home?

Hi, this is Moe from SmartTraining365, thank you for joining us!

In this program, I'm gonna show you how you can work all the muscles of the body and get a great workout at home using the SmartTraining365 Anchor hooks and resistance bands.

This home workout is for you if you're a beginner or intermediate, if you're an athlete, if your a senior or if you're simply looking for a convenient way to workout at home, but if you're advanced and your goal is optimal muscle growth or to compete, you can't solely rely on resistance bands, and for that I recommend our BUILD&BURN or the True Bodybuilding program.

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The SmartTraining365

Resistance Bands Bundle


The SmartTraining365 Bundle is a sturdy permanent fixture that allows for easy transitions from one BRIG20 exercise to the next. It eliminates the challenge that most people face when trying to workout at home using resistance bands which is: where to hook the bands at the right height and width safely.

Click HERE to get the SmartTraining365 Bundle.

This anchor features the patented safety hook, designed for ease of use. No fasteners or clip hooks required! The Anchor Gym H1 Wall Mount is backed by a 100% lifetime warranty with satisfaction guaranteed.

This bundle is a great addition, or first step, to building your home gym.

The SmartTraining365 Bundle includes.

  • Eight Anchor Gym H1 Wall Mounts
  • Two sets of four Anchor Gym Large Loop Bands

This modular functional training station is designed to safely anchor resistance bands, as well as body weight straps, stretch straps and more. It is easy to use, takes up zero floor space, and is very affordable and convenient.

Made of all steel components, the Anchor Gym H1 is a space-saving powerhouse capable of supporting up to 800 pounds of resistance. 

The Anchor Gym 42” Large Loop Resistance Bands are made of latex (4.4 mm thick) and built to last! Supported resistance and sizes are:

  • black: 40-80 lbs. – 1 in. width (2.5 cm)
  • red: 35-50 lbs. - 3/4" width (1.9 cm)
  • blue: 10-35 lbs. -1/2" width (1.3 cm)
  • yellow: 5-10 lbs. -1/4" width (0.6 cm)


Many of us get discouraged when we fail to achieve our fitness goals due to misleading guidance, using the wrong workout plan or simply because of lack of knowledge and experience.

We Either End Up:

-Injured unable to workout at our full potential again

-Frustrated by working hard and not getting the results we planned for

-Don’t believe in training anymore and give up the goal of building a muscular and healthier body

The truth is that everybody’s muscles and joints function the same way, and physics applies the same to everybody, so the best exercises are the same for every person (we are not referring to the “traditional” exercises, as you will later discover).

The difference from one person to another is:

-How those exercises are structured in the overall plan

-The intensity each person should use

-How the diet is structured

-How the entire program is tailored to one’s individual goal and circumstance

-How and who customized the program (very important)



Most of the exercises that comprise The BRIG20 is unconventional, while some are more familiar.

However, all of the BRIG20 exercises represent the anatomical motions and the directions of resistance that are most biomechanically “ideal”.


Unlike many traditional exercises, the BRIG20 is uncompromised—anatomically, neurologically, physiologically and mechanically.

Thus, they produce more benefits (more muscle load and better stimulation = more muscle growth) with less wasted effort (less weight used), and less injury risk to the spine and joints.

"Knowledge is only potential power.

It becomes power only when, and if, it is organised into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end."

Our MISSION is to educate—to help you understand the difference between optimally productive exercise, and compromised exercise, and to know how you can best apply it to your circumstances so you can:

-Achieve maximum muscle growth faster

-Avoid wasting time and energy doing the wrong exercises and workout plans

-Avoid injury, save your joints and enjoy doing what you love for the next couple of years


There is a ton of misinformation out there, and the best way to identify it is to know the science. Then, you can train with confidence, knowing you are using the most sensible methods and the most accurate information. 

You’re on the right track.