Many bodybuilding champions and athletes use traditional exercises to build their physiques, but traditional exercises are not designed to load the muscles optimally and safely!



  • Hurting their joints
  • Frustrated, not able to workout at their full potential again
  • Using more energy than needed and can't keep up with the volume and intensity 
  • Compromise their ability to recover


Unlike many traditional exercises, the BRIG20 is uncompromised—anatomically, neurologically, physiologically and mechanically.

Thus, they produce more benefits (more muscle load and better stimulation = more muscle growth) with less wasted effort (less weight used), and less injury risk to the spine and joints.

Most of the exercises that comprise

The BRIG20 is unconventional, while some are more familiar.

However, all of the BRIG20 exercises represent the anatomical motions and the directions of resistance that are most biomechanically “ideal”.

Change your exercise routine today and start implementing the BRIG20 exercises to accomplish your muscle-building goals and improve your physique. 




Watch the BRIG20 videos

Start experimenting with the exercises and alternatives 

Refer to the instructional videos as often as you need for in-depth guidance on how to set up the machines, proper form and exercise selection


Many experience great results after a month of use. Of course, the more you do it the better you get. Like anything else, consistency is the key. Results vary from one person to another, factors such as: genetics, stress level, recovery can impact our progress positively or negatively. 

Our MISSION is to educate - to help you understand the difference between optimally productive exercise , and compromised exercise, and to know how you can best apply it to your circumstances, so you can:

  • Achieve maximum muscle growth faster
  • Avoid wasting time and energy doing the wrong exercises and workout plans
  • Avoid injury, save your joints and enjoy doing what you love for the next couple of years


There is a ton of misinformation out there, and the best way to identify it is to know the science. Then, you can train with confidence, knowing you are using the most sensible methods and the most accurate information.

You're on the right track.

Home Options

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