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  The Physics Of Fitness - Video Modules
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  BRIG-20 (The 20 Best Movements for Optimal Muscle Loading by Doug Brignole)
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  The Physics Of Fitness (PDF) + Quizzes
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This package includes everything you need to know to optimize your training program and provide the most efficient, most safe and most productive ways to perform resistance exercise.

It includes :

• 11 modules of in-depth instructional videos with Doug Brignole helping you learn the analysis and application of the biomechanical principles of resistance exercise.

• The Physics Of Resistance Exercise E-Book sent to you by the publisher


• A complete demonstration of the 20 Best Resistance Exercises “THE BRIG-20” for optimal muscle loading and physique development, as recommended by Doug Brignole.

• The Brignole Method video - Resistance Training Strategies - PLUS - Exercise Selection.

Everything you need to know about:

-Sets & Reps


-Workout Structure


-Body Part Grouping

and much more...

• The Brig-U & SmartTraining365 Biomechanics Gold Certificate, the Gold Certificate is reserved only for those who pass the Final Online Exam (>70% passing mark required)

• CECs

This course is approved by NASM, ISSA and canfitpro

• Access to our Private Facebook Group "Doug Brignole - SmartTraining365". Be a member of an outstanding community of Personal Trainers, Coaches, Athletes, Gym Goers, Teachers, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and professors. Get inspired, ask questions, generate discussions, make friends and have fun!

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