Every resistance exercise has a bio-mechanical “profile”, which can be used to evaluate its mechanical efficiency and also its anatomical / neurological efficacy. 

Watch our latest seminars in Houston and New York if you want to learn more about the efficient way to structure your workout program and achieve optimal results.

This program includes the BRIG20 videos. You also have the option to get the seminars without the BRIG20 videos if you already have access to them.

Keep in mind that It is important to learn and perform the exercises discussed in the seminars with a proper form, this requires a clear demonstration and explanation which is only available in the BRIG20 program.

Houston Seminar:

-Biomechanics & muscle building

-Learning how to exercise more productively, more efficiently, more safely

-Selecting the best resistance training exercise

-Sets & reps, intensity, frequency, recovery

New York Seminar:

This seminar lays out, very plainly, how physics—the way levers work—influences the amount of load a muscle receives with a given amount of weight, and the difference between loading a specific muscle optimally versus moving the most amount of weight.

A complete dissection of the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift + guidance on how to perform them if your goal is powerlifting or you simply enjoy the challenge of lifting heavy weights combined with the BRIG20 movements.

Breakdown of the 16 biomechanical factors AKA "The 16 Brignolean Principles".

Doug is the originator of “The 16 Brignolean Principles of Biomechanics”, which spells out the essential factors for selecting the best exercises, and avoiding compromised ones.

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Course Curriculum

  Houston TX Seminar
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  BRIG-20 (The 20 Best Movements for Optimal Muscle Loading by Doug Brignole)
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Available in days
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What's good about the BRIG20?


Safety, productivity and efficiency are the three most important goals to seek when exercising. But safety might be the most important. After all, it’s hard to enjoy the benefit of exercise if one is injured.

There are some days you just have to push through. Which is true—to a point. There comes a time, though, when you're only stacking abuse on top of abuse.

How do you know that you are pushing the right way or if your using the right exercises?

The BRIG20 are the safest exercises (when performed correctly) and the most effective.


Genetics certainly plays a role in how much muscle mass a person can gain. The amount of muscle mass each person can achieve varies significantly, but all people are able to gain muscle mass, to different degrees.

Genetics is not something we can control, but we CAN control our exercise selection. Exercises all have a different level of productivity. They also are not all equally efficient and safe. Therefore, the best strategy is to use the most productive and efficient exercises, especially when one is not genetically gifted.

The BRIG20 are the 20 best exercises for optimal muscle development. They are the most productive, the safest and the most efficient (i.e., provide the most muscle loading with the least amount of resistance). 

Whether you are genetically blessed or not, you should want to choose the best exercises, so you can optimize your results, with the least effort and the least risk of injury. It’s just common sense.