This program is for anyone who wants to learn the science behind muscle building, and understand how you can tailor your own workout program and diet to suit your current level, specific goals and desired lifestyle.

This program is also for those who want to compete or anyone who wants to coach male and female clients for competition, as well as learning techniques that can be used to help your own training and dieting.

Regardless of how you apply the information learned in True Bodybuilding, you will benefit from having a more attractive body, stronger muscles, lower body fat, healthier joints, lower cardiovascular risk, more energy and self-confidence.

The principles and strategies in this program can be applied at all levels, from beginners to advanced, by males and females, by young and old. Whether your goal is to compete on stage, or simply to look and feel your best, this program will prove optimally effective, efficient and safe.

True Bodybuilding will be your guide, and will answer all your questions about how to start your journey in the most productive and efficient way, and allow you to achieve your goal.

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  True Bodybuilding
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  BRIG20 Videos- The 20 Best Exercises for Optimal Muscle Loading
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